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Yuko Kawamoto

Professor, Waseda Graduate School of Finance, Accounting and Law

Yuko started her career at Bank of Tokyo, and in 1988 joined McKinsey & Company in Tokyo, where she served a wide range of major Japanese and foreign financial institutions. She became Senior Expert in 2001, after spending four years in Paris office. She has been Professor at Waseda since 2004.

She currently works as independent director to Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (2013- ) where she is a chairperson of risk committee. She is also an independent audit & supervisory board member of Tokyo Marine Holdings (2006-) and a Trustee Director of Thomson Reuters Founders Company(2011-).

She used to serve as independent director to Japan Exchange (2004-2014), Risona Bank (2006-2011), Monex Securities (2006-2013), Yamaha Motor (2009-2013 ) and Ito-chu trading company(2011-2013 ). She also served as advisory board member of Toyota financial company and a major airline company.

She has significant expertise in macro-economic and governance issues and has served on a number of Japanese government committees. Recently she was appointed as Member of Public Safety Commission, supervisor of National Police Agency. In the past, for the administration of Prime Minister Koizumi, she joined a committee mandated to lead its major privatization project, as well as worked as advisor to Financial Services Minister Takenaka. Other major appointments include; member for pension reform group in the first Abe Cabinet; member of the committee under Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy.

Yuko is an active writer on Japan’s financial sector and overall economy. The themes of her publication include reform policy for Japan and banking management. Yuko holds a BA degree in social psychology from University of Tokyo, and a Master degree in development economics from Oxford University (St .John’s College). She is married with two sons.

Nov. 2015